Artisan roasted in Salt Lake City, Utah since 1992


Single Origin 

ROAST  |  Light Roast

PROFILE  |  Toffee, Apple Pie, Grape, and Citrus

ORIGIN  |  Guatemala, La Democracia, Huehuetenango

PROCESS  |  Washed

PRODUCER  |  Finca Palo Blanco Single Estate

CERTIFICATIONS  |  Organic and Rain Forest Alliance

Finca Palo Blanco is a unique farm that guarantees traceability and eco-friendly practices and sits at altitudes ranging between 1400 masl to 2050 masl, with an average rainfall of 1.5 meters per year.

Owned by Ivan Ovalle Altuve, the farm undergoes constant renewal of plantations with carefully selected varieties to improve production and resistance to diseases. The coffee is shade-grown under native trees and the improvements in the management of honey, wastewater, garbage and waste are made in a very strict manner. The farm has an extension of 20 hectares for ecological forest reserve.

The farm continuously promotes and donates yearly to the students of the community, providing desks and other school supplies to ensure the children of the community have everything they need.

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