Artisan roasted in Salt Lake City, Utah since 1992


Single Origin

ROAST  |  Light Roast

PROFILE  |  Caramel, Toffee, Praline, Cherry and Apple

ORIGIN  |  Mexico, Chiapas

PROCESS  |  Washed and Sun Dried on Patios

PRODUCER  |  Small Holder Farmers


The name Ki-Saya is a combination of two words in the indigenous Mayan language of the area: Ki, meaning “tasty” and Saayab, which means “nature.”

Farmers in the areas where Ki-Saya coffee is sourced have improved their processing capabilities over the years, and now take great pride in delivering pristine parchment coffee that is some of the best in all of Mexico. Only the ripest, best cherries are selected; after depulping, the coffee ferments for 12 to 17 hours before being washed and dried on small drying patios next to farmers’ homes.

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