Artisan roasted in Salt Lake City, Utah since 1992

Hollander POWDERS


With a stroke of genius Coenraad J. van Houten invented the Dutch cocoa process and revolutionized chocolate forever. Almost two centuries later, with a tradition of innovation and attention to detail, we go further and grind our Dutched cacao beyond textural impurities creating the smoothest and finest quality cocoas, unrivaled in flavor and performance.


SWEET GROUND DUTCHED CHOCOLATE    Made with fine Dutched cacao, natural vanilla, and cane sugar, our Sweet Ground Cocoa  powder sets the bar for both flavor and performance. Designed to pair fine espresso. GMO Free. Net wt. 2.5 lbs

SWEET GROUND WHITE CHOCOLATE     True to the Master Chocolatiers vision, our unique recipe contains real natural cocoa butter and natural vanilla to create the sweet, nutty, and complex flavor of genuine white chocolate. Net wt. 2.5 lbs

PREMIUM DUTCHED HOT COCOA    Made with the finest ingredients and a hefty dose of nostalgia, our hot cocoa can be enjoyed by either young or more refined tastes.  Pairs well with whipped cream, snowy days, and good company. Net wt. 2.5 lbs
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